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Contact us if:
  • You are a loud, habitual snorer
  • You are overweight, have diabetes, hypertension or heart disease
  • You are often tired and fatigued during the day
  • You suffer from poor concentration or judgment, memory loss, irritability and/or depression
  • You are regularly unrefreshed, even after waking from a full night's sleep
  • You fall asleep easily during the waking hours at home or at work


Features and Benefits

  • Approved by the FDA and CMS
  • Patient Friendly Devices
  • Clinical Validated Data, Quality Controlled
  • 24 Hour Customer Service and Tech Support
  • Cloud based data processing that improves efficacy
  • Multi-night testing that provides more documentation and clinical data
  • Testing in the patient’s natural home sleep environment increases comfort and the convenience of use
  • Quick turnaround time minimizes delays in treatment
  • Higher patient compliance rates over traditional testing
  • Trained, professional and patient advocate clinical staff


How it works:

Step 1: A completed doctor's prescription and/or statement of medical necessity faxed to EntuMED.

Step 2: EntuMED will call the patient to verify the contact and insurance information received from the doctor. The insurance information will be verified to make sure the patient has a clear understanding of all costs associated with the procedure before the test is performed. Once testing is complete EntuMED will directly bill for services. Arrangements will be made to schedule the delivery of the device at the convenience of the patient.

Step 3: The device will be shipped UPS, FedEx, or through a local courier to the patient's home or office. Written instructions, education material, and after-hours tech support number is provided so the patient has a clear understanding of how to operate the equipment.

Step 4: The patient will return the device with the use of a prepaid preaddressed UPS or FedEx mailer.

Step 5: Once the device is returned the sleep technicians will compile the data to be interpreted by the patient's primary physician or a board-certified sleep physician.

What EntuMED can do for you

For years the only way to test for sleep apnea was to have a study completed at a facility. This type of study referred to as “In-Lab” or Polysomnography (PSG) has merit depending on a patient's history and health concerns. A PSG could be the diagnostic procedure of choice and anyone seeking to have this procedure done should always consult with their physician first to find the best course of action.

For many people there is a low cost at home alternative to the In-Lab test known as a “Home Sleep Test.” The Home Sleep Study should not be considered as secondary or inferior to the PSG because there are several valuable advantages. The Home Sleep Test is performed in your own bed lending to a more natural sleep environment. Because the test can be performed comfortably over a two night period of time, there will be more information for the physicians to draw conclusions from. The device can also be delivered directly to a patient's home or workplace providing an aspect of convenience. Home sleep testing is covered by most major insurance companies and is usually one-third of the cost of a facility based PSG. This directly translates to lower deductible and lower out-of-pocket costs for the beneficiary.

We at EntuMED only use home testing devices that have undergone the rigorous scrutiny and clinical studies by the National Institute of Health, and have been approved by the FDA and the Center for Medicare/Medicaid Services (CMS). Home diagnostic sleep testing has been used for over 10 years. In the year 2009 it became an approved diagnostic test and for many insurance carriers it has become the diagnostic test of choice.